Month: August 2019

C-Suite Master Class: Choose Your Battles

August 20, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

Choose Your Battles! By Marshall Goldsmith World’s #1 CEO Coach and four-time CEO himself, Mark Thompson is a great friend, a member of our 100 Coaches initiative, and the best-selling author of Now Build a Great Business, Success Built to Last, and Admired. Mark has…

Normani’s “Motivation” Inspires Viral Challenge – Papermag

August 20, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

Over the weekend, Normani‘s video for “Motivation” sent shockwaves through the blogosphere. Now, her next-level dance moves have also inspired a viral challenge, and we can’t get enough. While there’s no shortage of GIF-able moments and early-aughts pop references in the video, one particular moment…

7 Ways to Stay Motivated Every Day – Thrive Global

August 19, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

Consistent motivation is vital to your success. It is the drive that will take you toward your next goal, let you live your dreams, and achieve whatever it is you want in life. When you know how to stay motivated every day, then you can…