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August 31, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

By Kate McKay

Feeling your confidence lag and commitment to live a fit and fabulous life starting to wane? Here are five ways you can use starting today to reboot your spirits and motivate you to get yourself all the way to the finish line with your health and wellness goals.

Here goes!

1. Envision how you are going to feel when you have completed your workout: very few people are always gung-ho to hit their workouts head-on. However, what consistent exercisers have in common is that they have found a way to work through their resistance of starting, often by imagining how they are going to feel after the workout is done. What vision can you set for yourself as a successful exerciser? Imagine how you are going to look and feel when you have finished a great workout and imprint that in your mind, so when resistance sets in, you can reach into your motivational memory bank and get yourself out the door. Remember: the first couple of steps are often the hardest. You got this!

2. Bite-Size Your Goals: Make creating micro-goals your new go-to. When your motivation leaves the building (and it will) you can wrap your energy around the inspiration and eventual attainment of your micro-goals. Focusing on micro-goals is a wonderful and worthy way to attain your bigger goals in the long run. Try a couple on and see how it goes.

3. Use Imagery from the past or what you hope to look or feel like when you are in the best shape of your life in the not too far off future. This imagery could be a person (a picture of yourself or someone you admire) a place (where you will be experiencing the best version of you) or a thing (a reward you will give yourself when you attain your goal. Massage, anyone?) Many of my clients use vision boards to create a pallet of their inspiration. Journaling is also very effective. Try them all out and see what works best for you. What’s most important is that what you choose motivates you to be your absolute best.

4. Use a fitness tracker or workout tracking app. Sometimes it is helpful to know what you’ve been doing. Maybe you only worked out once last week and that’s motivation enough to work out extra this week. Personally, I love to see the concrete results of how many steps I took, what my pace was on a run, or how many minutes my heart rate was elevated during a workout. Those statistics can be your affirmations if you’re a numbers person.

5. Hire a Coach or a Trainer: As an ACE Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, my work is centered around helping people self-identify themselves as healthy and vital in all areas of their lives, not just physical, but also with diet, sleep and stress management and helping them build supportive relationships. If you were to ask any successfully fit person how they did it, chances are they would mention a coach or a mentor who motivated and inspired them to achieve their goal.

Your health and wellness is paramount to having a fulfilling life. Please reach out to me or ask a fit friend for support or a recommendation. And if I can support you in any way on your health and wellness journey, please reach out. I am available to work with you one-on-one, in small groups, and also as a speaker for your organization.

So until next time- keep leaning into your greatness. I am here cheering you on!