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August 31, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

Helping people find their best selves while they search for and maintaining motivation is a mult-billion dollar business in the United States alone. Self-help books, motivational sayings, and hashtags have joined caffeine as necessary tools to survive the work week. Distracted by life, I hadn’t yet settled on a topic for this column, as I sat at my desk to write, I considered my motivation.

It’s writing.

Regularly an outlet, writing allows a degree of catharsis, a way to cleanse the pallet of negative issues while reflecting on the positive, preparing me to move on to my next assignment.

Motivation is crucial in politics as well. Enthusiastic voters knock on doors and make calls. They engage friends and family about issues. They’re more likely to stand in line to vote. It isn’t clear what will definitively motivate voters in November 2020, but they will be a part of the only poll that matters, Election Day. Actually, they may go to their early voting center put on a sticker and remind their friends to vote. The measure of enthusiasm should be watched, and is among the most important political statistics.

Democrats and Republicans will each have compelling messages to share with voters. Engaged voters are already watching what candidates say. They continue to talk about issues which affect their families, like paying for their child’s tuition or covering an unexpected medical bill.

Humans are motivated by a number of factors. The strength of that motivation grows or dissipates based on an individual’s situation and circumstance. Some of the more common of these factors mentioned in discussions are money, health, and family.

Health was my primary reason for moving to Texas. Hot summers and warmer winters give my bones a break from snowy and frozen Illinois winters. Incidentally, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts the upcoming season will be similar to those which often kept me curled up due to pain until well after the second spring thaw. There were many times that visiting the chiropractor for an adjustment qualified as going out for the week. I recommend chiropractic care for those in pain. Set up a consultation and find out if they can help.

The retirement of former Indianapolis Colts Quarterback, Andrew Luck, struck a chord. Citing unrelenting and unceasing pain as the reason he’s hanging up his cleats. The NFL 2018 Comeback player of the year suffered multiple injuries in recent years. Luck still loves the game. He stated tearfully that he loved the organization, and throwing the ball to his friends, and his family. It was because he wanted to enjoy a future with them that he decided to retire now.

Luck sacrificed a future with one love because he’s motivated by a future with loved ones.

Augusten Burroughs addressed the subject saying, “When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health nothing matters.”

People tell me my health is important, but it’s not my primary motivation. I believe a combination of friends, family and health are necessary to have a long and productive life.