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February 18, 2020 By ubuntucafe Off

ALEX CITY, Ala. (WSFA) – Brittney Simmons was very emotional when Tonya walked into her classroom with our weekly Class Act award.

“You’re gonna make me cry!” Simmons said.

According to her, she’s not usually a crier but this award comes as quite a surprise. Her third-grade class was also excited for her, which is fitting since she says they are her motivation.

“Just seeing them learn and just watching them enjoy what they do makes me want to come to work,” said Simmons.

“She’s very deserving of the award and I’m glad that someone else saw it besides me. It’s great when somebody from the outside can nominate a teacher for such an award as this. The Class Act, that’s big. That’s big,” said Stephens Elementary School Principal Mary Holloway.

It’s sure is, which is why we traveled to Stephens Elementary School in Alex City to make our presentation.

Simmons, she doesn’t just show up, according to school leaders, she makes it so her students won’t forget her lessons, her curriculum or her kindness.

“Because she tries to do something special for every student to make them feel special and to let them know they are an individual in the classroom. And she gives her all to them every day. Not one day; every day,” said Holloway.

But today is her day. It’s the day Simmons received the WSFA Class Act Award and made her third-grade class very proud, which may be the best part.

“I care about them a lot. They know they’re my babies. I tell them that every day,” said Simmons.

Nominate a teacher you think is deserving of the award. Maybe we’ll show up at their school soon.

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