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Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street and here are tips by Willpower Harris, Motivational Teacher & Humanitarian on how you can push yourself to achieve the best

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Look into the past of any successful entrepreneur and you will see a long list of setbacks and opportunities for comebacks. But it is the eventual comeback that’s advertised the most.

We all fear failure and most of the time fall prey to it, letting it win. This is the time when motivation plays a major role. The world of business is highly uncertain and it is essential to understand the stress and complication this work brings. You need to challenge the limits, but how to do so?

Entrepreneur India got in a conversation with Willpower Harris, Motivational Teacher & Humanitarian and Founder of Willpower Group who gives us tips on how to keep ourselves motivated and push ourselves when the world seems dark.

“In my experience of working with Zig Ziglar, one of his quotes resonated with me – Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street,” said Willpower Harris. 

Talking about motivational tips, Harris lays out five motivational tips that will help entrepreneurs get past the experience of failure and rise again.

Repetition Builds Belief

What if we tell you that you can program your mind to stay motivated? Repetition builds belief.

Explaining Harris said, “An affirmation is a declaration of a state of being. An example of an affirmation statement is, Today is a new opportunity for me to surpass yesterday’s results.”

Giving a personal example he said, when he started being an entrepreneur, he took over 20 goals and converted them to an affirmation. He read his affirmations every morning and every night.”

Focus On Your Habits

When you focus on the right areas you will arrive at the right results. Entrepreneurs know their dreams. However, focusing on the result can be demotivating as you focus only on what you don’t have yet. Instead, you can focus on the habits necessary to reach your goal.

“Show me someone’s habits and I can accurately predict their outcome. Focus on the result and you may begin a cycle of running around in circles. Focus on your habits and you will run straight to the finish line,” he said.

Practice Business

To put it simply as you can practice cricket and football, also you can practice business. An example area to improve is within business meetings. As a facilitator of business meetings, you can practice ensuring everyone contributes during the meeting.

“Keep a seating chart and make a mark by the name of everyone when they speak. Directly ask the person with the least marks to comment. As time goes on, practicing this skill will improve your meetings,” he explains.

Use What You Love, Fight What You Hate

Remember don’t make your dreams just about you. You can maintain constant motivation when your entrepreneurial hopes are crafted with the intent of impacting the lives of others.

Harris said, “Yes, you may want money. However, any money received is as a result of helping someone else in some other way. The drives to keep going increases when you know you are fighting for someone else.”

Have A Highlight Film:

When you study any post coverage of a sporting event the newscasters show highlights from the game. The best plays and actions are repeated in a loop the following day. The same can process may be used by you to keep you motivated during uncertain times. 

“When you are about to face a challenge, you can recall your last success and this becomes a highlight memory in your mind. Reflecting on that experience feels like it happened just a moment ago. You have the choice of selecting which memory to highlight,” he said.

Siting an example he added, “A mechanic was talking to a doctor. He started to brag. “I also open hearts, take valves out, grind them, and put in new parts. When I finish this will run so perfectly. So why do you get the big money?!?”

The surgeon whispered, “Try doing it while the engine is still running.”

In Conclusion…

The way Harris has explained things you will realise our society has a way of criticizing someone after the fact. Just like the story of the mechanic and the surgeon, it is easier to fix something once it shuts down than it is while things are still running.

Your entrepreneur’s dreams are still alive and running.