‘I Have Zero Motivation to Do My Job’ – The Cut

July 17, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off
Photo: The Cut

Dear Boss,

I am absolutely done with my current job. I’ve been here for just over six years now and honestly, I probably should have left a long time ago. My co-workers are lovely, my boss is super supportive, and the benefits are amazing. I just hate my actual job.

I started getting bored about two years ago, and I’ve grown to realize I really don’t want to do this type of work anymore. I stayed for so long because I kept getting promotions and new projects. But I’m SO bored, and I have zero motivation to do anything. I spend most of my days online shopping, reading blogs, and reading the news. I do the bare minimum to get by without someone actually noticing I’m not working half of the time. I’m mortified by how far behind I am on some of my goals, and I’m terrified my boss is going to check in about them soon. Nearly 75 percent of my emails I open and think, “I don’t care,” and go do something else.