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August 3, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

We all need a little motivation every once in a while.

Sure, you’ve got the drive to succeed. Otherwise you never would have founded a business in the first place. But some days, it’s hard to literally find that motivation.

Even though many times a simple source of motivation is well within reach.

So, that’s why this week, we’re asking our readers:

What’s Your Best Source of Motivation?

Take our poll below and let us know …

How do you find the strength to keep them going when the going gets tough? Maybe you’re stacking your achievements against someone you admire?

Maybe a mentor is in your ear on a daily basis.

Or it may not be as evolved as that.

Sometimes, people go straight to a favorite playlist and get motivation through a pair of earbuds. It could be a song, a speech or a mantra that keeps you going when you need it most.

Whatever it is, be sure to take our poll below and feel free to offer some motivational tips to fellow readers. You just might just motivate someone else in the process!

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