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Do you feel depressed or unconfident? Well, there might be various reasons causing this unpleasant state of emotion. However, you should overcome the negative emotions and believe that they can make you a stronger person. You should think positively and know that every single obstacle that faces upon you is a great way of achieving your best self-improvement. In order to be successful, you should also be energetic and motivated. Motivation plays a main role in your path of future accomplishments. Self-improvement and motivation are both very important in human’s existence for a number of reasons.


First of all, motivation can really encourage you to do what you desire. For example, what would you do to make your body fit? You will go jogging or start training at the gym. But in order to achieve a positive result, you should regularly go to the gym and be motivated, of course. When you long for something to happen, you put all of your efforts and do all your best. My personal experience shows that when you are motivated, you are capable of achieving all your wishes. After my graduation from high school, I have dreamt about studying English and American Studies. I admit that I have been going through many difficulties but in the end, I felt truly happy. When I saw my mark from the exam, I knew that my wish had come true. The feeling is unique and I will never forget it, I started crying but it was one of the happiest crying ever. What I meant to say is that when you are keen on something and motivate well enough, then your plan will work out. On the other hand, do not disappoint if you make a mistake or do not pass your exams, for instance. I can share with you, dear reader, and another story whose main character’s name I will not mention. So let’s name after our character John. What happened? Well, John enrolled in a driving license course. Everything seemed fine, until the day of the exam. He was driving perfectly with his instructor. Unfortunately, when he had to show his skills to the examiner, he failed. Afterward, he was so disappointed that he decided to give up on driving. The basic conclusion you should draw is to follow your dreams and to never give up. Although John failed the first time, this does not mean it will happen again. Actually, by making mistakes and failures you gain valuable experience and become wiser. It might also be called self-improvement.


Furthermore, another case is when you realize that you want to change a small part of your character. There are many people who are not satisfied by themselves and desire for a new way of life. Actually, there is no need for such a huge alteration the only thing you should do is to start self-improvement training. When you have a problem that bothers you, then it would be very useful to make yourself a plan how to solve, think of the advantages and disadvantages and how it can influence your personality. After solving it, therefore draw positive conclusions from it. Let’s imagine that you are forced to move house because you gained promotion and you have to work in another city. That is an enormous change and it can really contribute to various problems. There will be new people around you and also you will not know who can be trusted and who is a true friend. Consequently, pay attention to every detail and meet as many people as you can because being sociable is a feature which is highly praised. When you go to a new place to live, it seems quite uncomfortable and you want to get back to your old neighborhood. Human beings should get easily use to new environments because otherwise there is no way to survive. If you have a relationship, then you should make the serious decision to take your partner with you or lead a relationship from distance. By solving such problems, you become more confident and start thinking more rational. The older you get, the tougher decisions you will be forced to make and responsibilities will come one after another. It might sound a bit pessimistically but that is the truth and it all depends on what kind of person you are. You should always try to achieve your goals and if you are not motivated enough then imagine how everything sticks to the plan or simply said think positively. It really helps, so do not hesitate to try this helpful method.

However, if you have difficulties in finding your true personality, then it would be a great idea to ask for self-improvement advice. It might seem ridiculous at first, but actually, it is quite helpful. The important is to ask the right person who can really manage to encourage you no matter if it is by personal experience or in another way. For instance, try to think as many successful people as you can and afterward make contact with them. By communicating with intelligent people, you may always learn new information which could appear quite useful. A piece of advice can influence on your decisions and change your life. As far as my personality is concerned, I may admit that I am quite indecisive person and it takes me much time to take my final decisions. The last one I can remember is when I had to choose in which dormitory to live in. Well, it was very difficult for me because I liked my roommates and that is a rare case. However, I have promised my best friend to live together with her. I asked my family for advice and they do contribute to my next step. Now, my friend and I live in the same dormitory and it feels great. The thing I fear most is that sooner or later both of us might start fighting each other. I truly hope that this is not going to happen because we know each other for a very long time.

In addition to this, there are some other ways to gain your self-improvement. Why don’t you look for some self-improvement sites? Nowadays, technology has advanced a lot and by searching in the World Wide Web you might get aware of a great diversity of information. Surfing the net, you might also find quite irrelevant information, too. That is why you should carefully read and research all of the articles you find. Unfortunately, there are some people who misuse and try to take advantage of others. So, do always have in mind about it. Also, there are many great books which can guide you on how to succeed in your self-improvement. I may recommend a few ones which I enjoy reading: “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene – it tells how people use the power as a benefit and it contains many life lessons. This book is suitable for people who are interested in becoming more powerful, but in a positive aspect, of course.

Another interesting book is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It shows what we all know, it doesn’t matter what your line of work is or what you want to achieve- if you are doing business of any kind, you need to make it about the other person. It contains a treasure chest full of timeless wisdom. So, do not hesitate to read it. Last but not least, you can always enroll in self-improvement programs. All you have to do is to find the one that suits you and then everything will happen naturally. It depends on your personality and what kind of change do you want to make. By attending such a course, you will meet many new people who just like you are keen on self-improvement. And having common interests is a premise to very good friends and sometimes you can even find your true partner in life. Sociability has always been praised as a feature and it would be great for anyone to develop it. By communicating, we, human beings can do so much good and at the same time so bad deeds that can make our life a nightmare. I would advise you to choose carefully your words because they sometimes can deeply hurt a person.


Both self-improvement and motivation are of great importance for every single person who would like to develop and become successful. By being motivated, you are able to achieve anything you have dreamt of and also help other people to think of motivation as a major factor which can improve their lifestyle. Self-improvement is something that anyone should try and keep it in time.  Every single difficulty is only the following benefit which will make you stronger than before. Therefore, do not let both of these vital elements to slip up because they can really change your life in a positive way.

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