Struggling with Motivation? How Accountability Can Solve This – Printing Impressions

July 30, 2019 By ubuntucafe Off

It happens to us all. No matter how enthusiastic we feel about our jobs, there are days when we struggle to get things done. Sometimes excuses to avoid tasks come easily. After all, there are plenty of other days in the month. If we leave something undone today, there is sure to be a chance to find some other time soon.

This is a dangerous attitude

The printing industry is becoming ever more lean and efficient. You have more things than ever to do! You only need a few days when you lack the motivation to get things done and suddenly you have a massive backlog of work. This almost certainly means that targets will be missed.

What can be really useful is someone to keep us on track. We are far more likely to find the motivation to get things done if we know that there is going to be someone asking questions soon. It can be embarrassing to have to find excuses for not having achieved what we set out to do.

That’s where accountability partners come in.

What is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is someone who you work with to make sure that you stay on track with all your projects. You check in with them, usually weekly, to let them know what you have achieved. They will have an outline of what you set out to do. They will be expecting you to demonstrate that you have been carrying out the right activities.

An accountability partner is different from a manager

Their sole purpose is to encourage you to achieve your activity goals. If things go wrong, an accountability partner is there to help you get back on track.

It is common for accountability partnerships to work both ways. So your partner will often also be accountable to you. This helps create a sense of partnership and helping each other.

Once you have an accountability partner your productivity will often be much higher. The few minutes you invest every week in being accountable will be very worthwhile.

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