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Breville BES870XL Espresso Machine

February 6, 2024 By Ubuntu Café Off

Espresso #EspressoCoffee #EspressoCoffeeMachine #Breville #MilkFrother #ProgrammableCoffeeMaker #CoffeeBeanGrinder #AutomaticEspresso #OneTouchBrew The Breville Barista Express delivers third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula and is part of the Barista Series that offers all in one espresso machines with integrated grinder to go from…

Nespresso Capsules by Barista Pro Shop

November 3, 2023 By Ubuntu Café Off

#NespressoCapsules #OriginalLine #IspirazioneVarietyPack NEW LOOK, NEW NAME, SAME GREAT TASTE: This Nespresso OriginalLine espresso coffee pod pack contains best-selling Nespresso capsules (10 each) Capriccio, Ispirazione Roma, Ispirazione Genova Livanto, Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio, Ispirazione Ristretto INTENSITY: Explore the rich tastes of the following Nespresso Capsules Capriccio…

Ryze mushroom coffee

October 22, 2023 By Ubuntu Café Off

Rize Mushroom Coffee is a unique blend of coffee and functional mushrooms. It combines the rich flavor and energizing properties of coffee with the health benefits provided by various medicinal mushrooms. This innovative beverage is designed to give you a balanced boost of energy without…

¿Qué es una caja de seguridad?

February 19, 2022 By Ubuntu Café Off

Caja fuerte o caja de seguridad de Barista Pro Shop

Una caja fuerte es una caja con cerradura segura que se usa para proteger objetos valiosos contra robos y / o daños por fuego. Un #cajadeseguridad suele ser un cuboide hueco o un cilindro, con una cara extraíble o abisagrada para formar una puerta. El cuerpo y la puerta pueden ser de metal o de plástico mediante moldeo por soplado. Vaya: