Ruko F11GIM2 Drone

December 19, 2023 By Ubuntu Café Off
【4K+GIMBAL CAMERA DRONE】 With the powerful 4K camera of the F11GIM2 drone, you'll capture incredibly sharp 4K photos and 4K/30fps videos. The 2-axis gimbal combined with EIS ensures smooth and steady footage. The 5x zoom capability and 100° field of view (FOV) allow you to capture more details in your shots.
【UP TO 84 MIN OF FLIGHT TIME】The F11GIM2 FPV drone comes with three original 2500mAh batteries and a convenient carrying case. You can fly at altitudes up to 2000m (6562ft) with a maximum flight altitude of 120m(393ft). The drone can travel up to 3km (9800ft) in distance, which is also the remote control and video transmission range. Explore vast landscapes and capture stunning aerial views.
【SAFELY FLYING WITH PRO DRONES】Thanks to the enhanced GPS and extra landing pad of the F11GIM2 3B drone, the flight and landing are safer than ever. In case of a low battery or weak signal, the drone will auto return home, don't need to worry about losing it, built indicator lights and beep sound, help you quickly locate the flying drone to ensure a safe flight.
【GPS FLIGHT+MULTIPLE CONTROL】Control the drone using both the app and the controller. The app offers GPS flight features such as Waypoint, Follow Me, and Point of Interest. With just a tap on the app, you can start the motors, initiate a smart return home, and adjust camera angles and zoom. The drone also supports gesture-based photo and video capture, ensuring you never miss a thrilling moment.
【SHARE THE JOY OF FLIGHTS】The F11GIM2 advanced drone records quality time with your family, romantic moments with your loved one, or capturing the breathtaking beauty of nature, wildlife, and majestic architecture, with a simple click share your stunning shots on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, friends will awe of your unique perspective.
【RECHARGEABLE CONTROLLER】Controller with an LCD screen that displays crucial flight information, providing you with peace of mind during your flight. The two-way remote control allows you to quickly understand the drone's status, ensuring a safe flight experience. Moreover, the controller is rechargeable, making it environmentally.
【KIND TIPS】Follow these steps to make it easier for started: ①Start the controller and drone and wait for 40 seconds for them to establish a connection. ②Connect your phone to the drone's Wi-Fi network. ③Calibrate the compass and gyroscope as needed. ④Start the motor. Additionally, it is recommended to insert an SD card and install the latest version of the app.


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